Vertical Fitness NJ, Workouts for women is a Female only Innovative fitness studio like no other. We do not have Strength/Resistance Cardio Machines. Your body is your machine. We take you through movement that can challenge you and achieve your fitness goals while empowering better mind body awareness and self confidence.

You will not find another gym that has instructors who are friendly, highly skilled, qualified, and certified to create the best fitness experience, and committed to provide a safe and supportive environment for our members. All of our instructors are passionate and talented. Vertical Fitness NJ Workouts for women combine strength, fitness and fun through the use of Vertical Pole, Aerial Yoga, Hula Hoop, Chair Fitness, Punching Bags and Much More.

Vertical Fitness NJ is a fitness studio that offers the ultimate experience & incredible fitness classes

No need to be Intimidated, new comers are welcomed and are common, but quickly become masters!

Our classes have helped members accomplish their fitness goals as well as building up physical strength & flexibility.

We LOVE empowering women to build confidence and body acceptance. Our classes offer a head-to-toe workout with warm-up & cool down. Classes concentrate on all fitness levels. You’ll be distracted by the fun you have to even notice you’re getting a thorough workout

Vertical Fitness NJ is a safe place for women to express themselves with a supportive environment and accepting atmosphere.

Let loose and show us!

You see results, you feel results – and not just physically. In the studio, the mental component is always stronger than how we look in the mirror. How our members leave the studio is inspiring. Members always tell us how good they feel – strong, fabulous, confident and wanting more.

FREE of judgment, women of all shapes and sizes. We do not tolerate bad mannered behavior, disrespecting or bulling of other members and their personal space. Such behavior will result in removal from studio and you will be banned from taking classes at

Vertical Fitness NJ!

Starting with our levels of building blocks, modifications, classes can be physically demanding & frustrating. Members progressively start building strength & quick results

Studio Open Only During Schedule Class Time

Doors will be locked when class starts for privacy